NEBOSH Construction Certificate

A NEBOSH Certificate qualification provides a good foundation in health and safety for supervisors, managers and any member of staff who is responsible for health and safety within their duties.

NEBOSH are regarded worldwide as one of the leading health and safety awarding bodies, and their Certificate qualifications are accepted by IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) as meeting the requirements necessary for Technician Membership of IOSH (TechIOSH).

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate is intended for managers, supervisors and CDM co-ordinators within the construction industry who are responsible for ensuring that construction activities under their control are undertaken safely. The course is also not limited to people who work on construction sites, but other industries such as broadcasting where temporary structures (for example, TV camera stands) need to be erected.

What does the NEBOSH Construction Certificate course involve?

The course will cover the main UK legal requirements with regards to construction health and safety, along with the identification and control of construction workplace hazards and the practical application of this knowledge.

Syllabus Content

Week 1: Unit NGC1 - Management of Health and Safety

N.B. This is a common unit in all of the NEBOSH Certificate qualifications. If you have already taken and passed this unit within the last 5 years, you do not need to do it again when taking the Construction Certificate.

  • Element 1: Foundations in health and safety
  • Element 2: Policy
  • Element 3: Organising for health and safety
  • Element 4: Promoting a positive health and safety culture
  • Element 5: Risk Assessment
  • Element 6: Principles of control
  • Element 7: Monitoring review and audit
  • Element 8: Incident and accident investigation and reporting

  • Week 2: Unit NCC1 - Managing and Controlling Hazards in Construction Activities

  • Element 1: Construction law and management
  • Element 2: Construction activities hazards and control
  • Element 3: Movement of people and vehicles - hazards and control
  • Element 4: Manual and mechanical handling - hazards and control
  • Element 5: Work equipment - hazards and control
  • Element 6: Electrical hazards and control
  • Element 7: Fire hazards and control
  • Element 8: Chemical and biological health hazards and control
  • Element 9: Physical and psychological health hazards and control
  • Element 10: Working at height - hazards and control
  • Element 11: Excavation work and confined spaces - hazards and control
  • Element 12: Demolition hazards and control

  • Week 3: Unit NCC1 (continued), and NCC2 - Construction Health and Safety Practical Application

    Delegates will be required to carry out an unassisted safety inspection of a construction workplace, identifying the more common hazards and deciding whether they are adequately controlled (suggesting appropriate and cost-effective remedial action if necessary). After completing the inspection, delegates are then required to write a report that persuasively urges management to take appropriate action to address the findings of the report, explaining why such action is needed, including any references to possible breaches of legislation. The report should also identify the remedial measures that should be implementing, taking due consideration of reasonable practicability.

    Note: We arrange the site visit, including transport to and from the location, so you do not need to worry about having to find a construction site willing to let you wander around!


    There are no specific pre-requisites for the NEBOSH Construction Certificate course, and no previous health and safety knowledge is required, although it is advisable that candidates have some understanding of the basic practical aspects of the construction industry. Candidates should also be aware that the report is a handwritten one done under exam conditions. There are allowances available such as extra time for people with dyslexia or any other circumstances which may warrant the need for such allowances, but this needs to be made known to us and discussed well ahead of the course starting so that we can clear any requirements with NEBOSH beforehand.

    Course Options

    Because the NGC1 is a common unit amongst all the NEBOSH Certificate qualifications, we offer a "Full Course" and a "Conversion Course" depending on whether you have already passed the NGC1 unit or not.

    If you have not, then you will need to do the 3-week Full Course which includes the NGC1 unit.

    If you have, then you can do the 2-week Conversion Course which does not include the NGC1 unit as you do not need to repeat it, provided you passed within the last five years. If it has been over five years since you passed NGC1, then you will need to re-do it by taking the Full Course.