Construction Site Health and Safety

Construction sites are dangerous places, with innumerable hazards and dangers present that can cause illness, injury or death to a site worker. These include dangers such as COSHH risks (hazardous substances such as dust, chemicals etc), injuries from tools, falling from height, manual handling injuries, being hit by moving construction vehicles, and many more. The increasing level of health and safety legislation over the past two or three decades has placed a great level of responsibility on site managers and supervisors for ensuring that the construction site is as safe as reasonably possible for those who work on it. As a result, the popularity of health and safety courses and qualifications aimed at site managers and supervisors such as the CITB smsts and sssts courses has increased greatly.

As well as the emotional side, accidents and illnesses can be extremely costly for a construction firm. A worker who becomes ill or injured as a result of unlawful negligence can sue for compensation, which could turn into a significant amount if it is a serious illness/injury. Even if a construction firm has complied with all legislation it is still in its interest to try and prevent accidents and illnesses, as having workers recovering at home rather than working will slow projects down, or lead to increased costs if temporary cover needs to be drafted in and paid for whilst the firm also has the burden of sick pay for the injured/ill worker. This can be achieved through additional health and safety training for workers and improved working practices.

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